Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest Blog August 12, 2012

Hi! My name is Jen and today I am guest blogging on Melissa's blog,
which I absolutely love! I have decided to use a
Super Hero theme this year with my first grade class!
There are so many neat ideas on Pinterest that I plan on using in the fall.
 I made each child their own super hero cape with their initials,
which they will wear during the word work portion of our reading block. 
I'm thinking of gluing the short and long vowels on as they master them...

 I have seen these cute little seats all over Pinterest so I decided to make them using the directions fromthe blog what the teacher wants.
 They were so simple to make and I used super hero fabric.

I also made super heros out of paper lanterns to hang over my groups.
                                                      I made a red, green, and yellow.

Thanks so much for reading and thanks for asking me to share, Melissa!!


teaching fashionista said...

Jenn this post is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing this with Teaching Fashionista!! Looking forward to your next post...You are awesome!

Jessica said...

Jen I absolutely love your theme! I can't get enough of those capes :) The lanterns for the groups are super cute!