Friday, October 26, 2012

Special Memories

I found a fantastic idea for The Keeping Quilt, that tied perfectly into our memoir writing unit. 
After reading this touching story, we took 6 multi-colored 
post-its and stuck them on a piece of colored construction paper.
The students drew pictures on top of each square and underneath they wrote a little bit about the special memory!
It will totally help them generate ideas during writing workshop.  

this fantastic idea {inspired by} teaching maddeness blog
a fantastic blog..with unbelievable ideas for reading & writing!


Kayla Rae said...

I teach third grade and we are reading this story in two weeks. I'm definitely using this idea! Thanks :)

Julia said...

I love this, Melissa! I used the book at the beginning of the year and we made a classroom quilt as a community building activity. I love how you incorporated memories to each quilt block. Adorable! Lattes and Laughter

Kelly said...

I love this idea for generating writing ideas! Definitely going to have to use this.