Thursday, April 11, 2013

80's Pep Rally

 Tomorrow my totally rad school is like totally giving the students an awesome 80's Pep Rally!
   {to help boost our spirits from the intense test prep thats been happening lately}
I'm going back....way..back...Here are some totally awesome 80's throwbacks that I've been sharing with the class, thanks to like gag me with a spoon...
 Welcome Back to the 80s
80s Cars - Ford Cortina MarK V estate
Old Cars
They were often unreliable and prone to rust, but there are still many of us who are very fond of the old cars from the 70s and 80s. So which were your favourites? To help you decide, you'll find lots of photos of classic and not-so classic cars, inc. models by British Leyland, as well as sports cars and some American cars, too. Plenty of car photos and plenty of memories, too - visit the80s Cars page.
80s Computers - Commodore Vic 20

The 1980s
 saw the beginning of the home computing revolution, a time when many of us actually learned how to program our computers. Which games consoles and computers did you use back in the 80s? From the very simple ZX80 to the highly popular, 16 bit Commodore Amiga, they can all be found on the 80s Computers page.
Frogger Game
Computer games were a lot simpler back in the 1980s, but they were also a lot more accessible. FroggerDefenderand Pac-Man were particular favourites of mine, and you can access many old classics on this page and play online for free, as well as read reviews of other computer games from the 80s. 
Jawas game from the 70s

Some of these are going to bring the memories of your childhood flooding back! Read about the most popular toys and games from both the 1970s and 80s including SubbuteoBigTrak, Action Man, Cabbage Patch Dolls and many more on the 80s Toys page.
80s Fashion - Duran Duran
80s Fashion

So what did you wear in the eighties? This page features crazy New Romantic big hair and quiff hair styles for men, Parachute Pants, Don Johnson (from Miami Vice) in his white suits, "Choose Life" T-shirts, pixie boots, boxer shorts, Ray Bans, big spectacles - the list goes on! Did you have 80s style or were you like me, an 80s fashion disaster!
80s Sweets - Chewits
Retro Sweets & Chocolate
These video clips and photos will help you to relive your 70s or 80s childhood, and on this page you can look atbucketloads of old-fashionedconfectionary from the past, some of which has now disappeared, and some of which is still being made today. The question is, did you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?

80s TV Shows
70s and 80s TV Shows

Is it just me, or was there much more to watch on the TV when we were kids? Although we only had three TV channels here in the UK, there was always something to watch, and this page features links to dozens of pages about both British and American TV Shows 
from yesteryear. Were you a Dukes Of Hazzard fan, or maybe Charlie's Angelswas more your thang?
80s Music Videos
Eighties Music Videos

Th1980s saw the birth of the music video revolution, thanks mainly to MTV.Here you'll find a complete A-Z of all the music video pages on the SimplyEighties site. It's an ever-growing list, and you find everything from ABBA to ZZ Top. Most of the videos are official (where available), and I've hand-picked the best quality ones from Youtube. From New Wave to 80s power ballads, they're all here!

  • Like Totally Awesome

    Fashion in the 1980's
    sporty keep fit 80s girl wearing legwarmers, shorts, mesh vest, headband
    The keep-fit 80s look included neon-coloured legwarmers, shorts, headband, leotard and sometimes a mesh top. 
    The eighties were a time when many of the fashion trends that people love to hate were created. Hair was teased and permed to the limits, and make-up was more like face paint. Some call it "the time that fashion forgot", as most laws of fashion were broken & torn into minuscule pieces. Music Videos were a major influence for 80s fashion, as well as American TV shows such as 'Dynasty' and 'Dallas' - shoulder pads spring to mind!
    80Shoulder Pads and Batwing Sleeves
    Is there anyone who thinks that padded shoulders were a great idea? This has to be one of the worst fashion fads untry was being run by our first female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Then there was Joan Collins, who played super-bitch Alexis Carrington in Dynasty. Let's face it, any woman with broad-looking shoulders and big 80s hair was going to make any man run for cover!
    Dynasty Diva - Joan Collins Outfit
    Now here's a great idea for an 80s fancy dress costume. Just add theDynasty Wig to complete your look.
    80s style Padded Jacket
    Now this jacket is about as eighties as you can get!
    Grace Jones wearing shoulder pads
    Priness of Wales in 80s Shoulder Pads
    Not one to be left out of the latestfashion trends, Princess Diana also sported shoulder padsalthough, she was often responsible for starting a new trend.

     80's Slang:

    Veg Out: Meaning: Relax. Usage: Let's just veg out and watch music videos all day.

     Fresh:Meaning: Stylish or cool. Usage: Did you see the fresh threads Steff was sporting at the party?
     Book:Meaning: To hurry or to leave quickly. Usage: We need to book before Cameron's Dad gets home!
     Burn:Meaning: Gotcha! Usage: 
    Tubular: Meaning:  Awesome. Usage: We just watched Red Dawn. It was totally tubular, dude!
    To the max: Meaning: Extreme. Usage: The Thriller video is grody to the max!
    Gnarly: Meaning: Extreme. Usage: Dude, let's catch some gnarly waves with Spicoli.
    Wiggin' out: Meaning: Freaking out. Usage: I didn't get much sleep because Long Duck Dong was wiggin' out all night.
    Stoked :Meaning: Excited. Usage: I'm so stoked! We just scored front row tix to the Duran Duran concert!
    Mallrats: Meaning: Adolescents that hang out at the mall. Usage: There's way too many mallrats hanging out at Chess King on Friday nights.
     Dude: Meaning: Person. Usage: Dude! 
     I'm so sure: Meaning: Unbelievable.
    Wicked:Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Have you seen Square Pegs? That show is wicked!
    Righteous: Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Bono is so righteous!
     Duh: Meaning: Obviously. Usage: Everyone knows Duckie should've ended up with Andie at the end ofPretty In Pink. Duh!
    Rad: Meaning: Awesome. Usage: Check out his rad Vans.
    Like: Meaning: Disbelief. .
     Psych:Meaning: I'm lying. Usage: Sure I'll skip the Thompson Twins concert to stay home for family game night, Mom. Psych!

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