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Candy Crafts for Kids with guest blogger: Marcela De Vivo

Best Candy Crafts to do with Kids all images courtesy of pinterest   

We teach our kids to eat their veggies, avoid large amounts of candy and to not play with their food. Yet, in this case, we’ll lay out some fun and creative ways to break all three of those rules by putting together our own candy crafts.
Doing candy crafts with your kids can be a fun way to allow them to have some of the sugary  treats that they crave, but while also ensuring that the candy doesn’t contain too many artificial ingredients, all while giving them something to do besides eating those treats in front of the TV.

Crafting is a healthy and helpful part of growing up as a child, and will foster engagement and creativity in the minds of your kids, even if you do have to put up with a mild sugar rush afterwards.

As you might have guessed by now, the best place to go for inspiration would be Pinterest, where you’ll find plenty of ideas and concepts pinned by those who have gone before us as pioneers into the world of candy crafts.

Depending on what you’re making, you might want to keep some toothpicks, food coloring and icing on hand, just so you can color certain foods and stick them together. 
You can also find more specific candy store supplies online if you are trying to shoot for a theme.

Aside from that, it’s up to the creative genius of you and your kids. For a jump start, here are a few craft ideas:

1. Candy Jewelry -- The candy necklace was probably the first of its kind, yet the concept is simple and can easily be replicated. Any kind of candy with a circle in the middle, like Life Savers or Peachy-O’s will work for your own makeshift candy necklace. Any kind of gummy candy can work as well,  just use clean plastic sewing needle to poke a hole in each peace for thread to run through.

2. Candy Ornaments -- For the holidays, you can make edible ornaments using a similar process to that of creating the necklaces. Get some tree ornament hooks and use different candies to create holiday-themed decorations.
In this case, color is everything, so go with brown, yellow, orange and red for Thanksgiving and red, green and white for Christmas.

3. Game day Football Candies -- There’s a great example on the the Pinterest board that we discussed earlier, but the overall concept will work for a lot of different ideas. All you’ll need is melted regular and white chocolate to coat over some other snack. In this case, the example is a pretzel bite, which more accurately mimics the shape of a football.
 You can get even more creative though and incorporate things like turf, goal posts or even players if you’ve really got some time on your hands.

4. Decorated Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Sticks -- Chocolate dipped pretzels are one of the best ways
to get “crafty” with your treats. Your child can help you melt the chocolate and do the dipping, but your kids will most likely love decorating the coated pretzels the most.

Before the chocolate dries, give your kid free reign of the icing and sprinkles so they can create whatever kind of candied pretzel they have in mind. It might get a little messy at this point, but these are memories your kids will have with them their entire lives, and are certainly worth a little cleanup.

When it comes to crafting, what kid doesn’t love to use candy. With these scrumptious ideas, your kids will certainly have an grand time making something that they can chow down on once the project is complete. It’ll give you a chance to spend some time with your child, build a relationship with them and just have a lot of fun in the process.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer, business owner and mother who loves baking and making yummy treats with her three kids. Not only do her children have fun making these treats, but it also gives her a chance to indulge her sweet tooth. Follow her on Pinterest and Facebook for more great recipe ideas to make with your kids. 

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