Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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The Basics on Essay Writing for Kids

            Teach kids how to write an essay could be a challenging task. They could still be struggling with the entire process or essay writing in terms of the structure and the whole sentence flow. Also they might have a difficult time expressing themselves properly. But once they know the fundamentals of essay writing, it could be a very rewarding skill for them. It is also a vital component for them to learn at an early age because once they hit higher levels of education such as high school and college. It is important to teach them how to be organized in their approach for their essays. For some kids, essay writing might be easy to understand, but for others, it may take more time to explain and get used to. Here are a few simple but important tips for essaying writing for children.

Make sure the child has knowledge with spelling and grammar
Ensuring that the child is equipped with the basic, age-appropriate spelling and grammar concepts is vital because these are the building blocks of essay writing. Without this, the child may get frustrated and give up easily. That is something you wouldn’t want to happen because this is one of the first and vial steps to their essay writing process.

Introduction of thesis concepts
There should be a proper introduction of essay concepts so the child may get a grasp of the entire idea. If the child is having a difficult time with writing concepts, you could provide the child with a these statement to give them a starting point. For kids with more advanced writing skills, they could come up with their own thesis statement on their own. Put emphasis that a thesis has a “main point” that should be explained throughout the entire paper. All the paragraphs, down to the very sentence should be relevant to the main point.

Creation of an outline
Crafting an outline may be a problem for a child because it may be new to them. An outline will help them to formulate their thoughts and sentences eventually leading to paragraphs. They should know that sentences should have relation to one another. Explain the thought of an introduction paragraph; a concluding paragraph and the logical structure flow of the paragraphs in between. An outline could also help them with their brainstorming before their actual writing.

Site examples
For children having a difficult time or writing an essay for the first time, providing examples might be of big help to them. Search around for a few good essays so they can take a look at it if they need help in constructing their essay. Be as hands-on with their needs through their first couple essays. Let them build up their confidence in writing an essay alone eventually after. You could also try showing them examples of the “should not” examples so they know what they should stray away from when writing essays. Make sure they understand what they should be doing to what they should stay away from.

Practice, practice, practice
The key to perfecting a certain task to being somehow close to perfection is to practice as much as possible. This is very much essential for children to learn the “dos” and the “don’ts” in essay writing. Let them practice over and over again and read over the paper to make sure that they followed through with the proper guidelines and basics with essay writing. Once you provide them with the proper building blocks on essay writing, they will eventually start developing their skills and development of the mastering of their essay writing skills for future endeavors regarding essays. 

Guest Blogger: Lois Weldon is a professional writer at dissertation writing service Uk.bestdissertation.com. She is ESL teacher. Her hobby is decoupage and poem writing. Loves Marvel comics and homeschooling her 7 years old son.


Dirty Diva said...

As a college instructor of English, I thank you for your blog post. The earlier these tips and skills are implemented, the easier students find college writing -- and rock classrooms such as mine and beyond!

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Lorena Alice said...

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Lorena Alice said...

These article writing essay tips and skill is very nice. This few simple but important tips for essaying writing for children.Elite dissertation.co.uk

Lorena Alice said...

These article writing essay tips and skill is very nice. This few simple but important tips for essaying writing for children.Elite dissertation.co.uk

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