Saturday, December 14, 2013

Adorable Ornament.. Do-It-Yourself

                  Check Out this adorable DIY from Studio DIY (my fav)
This blog has so many adorable,  holiday do-it yourself crafts, I've been such a blog stalker lately!  
Such an easy way decorate in the classroom for the holidays.

DIY Giant Ornament Balloons
36″ Balloons (You can often find them at independently owned party stores, or online here!)
Metallic Cardstock
Metallic Pipe Cleaners
Strong Tape and/or Hot Glue
Scallop Scissors (optional)
Cut a strip to your desired size for the ornament topper. Mine was about 4″ by 12″. I decided to scallop one edge of the strip, but that’s totally optional! Tape or hot glue the ends of the strip together, and then glue a pipe cleaner to the top of the cylinder you just made, forming a loop. Last but not least, tape or hot glue (use the gun on the low heat setting) your ornament topper to your balloon, covering up the balloon’s tail. Done!
Photos from  from studio diy site

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Laura Wagner Jordan said...

How super cute!!! I so wish that I could have balloons in my classroom because these would surely be there! Thanks for sharing such a great idea.
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