Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy Weekend..Happy Reading..

     Rare.Special.And Entirely Worth it...

 J.Crew’s new Fall arrivals 

   Read’s 73 Questions  In this episode,Vogue‘s September cover star, Kendall Jenner

Back to School with Banana Republic

It's almost Back to School time in "N.Y." and, dressing for life as a teacher can be very difficult.  I know as an elementary school teacher your outfits have to be comfortable and functional. If your students are older, the challenge is to look stylish, not too revealing, and up to date on all of  the current trends.  
Knowing that all teachers spend a lot of time on their feet, stylish yet  comfortable shoes are a necessity.  I found so many outfits at don't forget to hash tag your style #itsbanana on instagram.

Lauren Conrad's pretty August collection at Kohl's

Enter to win a $250 wardrobe hand-picked by Lauren

Enter to win a wardrobe picked by Lauren herself from her LC Lauren Conrad line

If you've always dreamed of a wardrobe like Lauren Conrad's, now is your chance to enter to win a wardrobe hand-picked by Lauren herself!

Enter for a chance to win a hand-picked wardrobe from Lauren Conrad herself

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Peek Inside the Classroom

My BACK to SCHOOL favorite diy for the classroom was putting the class rule posters into IKEAS colorful picture frames.  As of now I have placed them on-top of the library. I also LOVE the way the double border looks against the black backing paper!! (so exciting)

Friday, August 22, 2014

My favorite back-to-school DIY

I filled up a gum ball machine with erasers. So fun to use as a little reward, I have it in my math center and usually use it when I see students trying hard during math workshop! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Get your....Summer glow from Flash tattoos

Flash Tattoos images from forever21 &

Here are some of the flash tattoo design packages:
CHLOE –  classy 
DAKOTA -  wild and free 
JOSEPHINE - feminine and classy- Parisian chic
LENA - carefree
NIKKI - edgy, rock-on vibe
SOFIA -  chic tattoos,  bracelets,  and gold palm trees {my Favorite}
 ZAHRA -  romantic 
Flash Tattoos are available at Forever 21 & flash tat .com