Sunday, August 16, 2015

LOVE this "back-to-school" mani idea from Jaime at The Kids Activity Blog
This notebook paper nail art is the perfect design to wear on your nails for the first day of school. I know it looks hard, but it’s SUPER easy!
back to school notebook paper nail art KAB

So, how can you have these awesome back to school nails?

To get notebook paper back to school nails, you just need to use permanent markers! (I used these.) Basically you paint your nails white, and then draw on the rest.  {Totally Retro} Back To School Nail Art
Back To School Notebook Paper Nails
  • Paint your nails white. (I recommend OPI Alpine Snow because it covers really well.)
  • Let them dry. I am talking for a while. If they are sticky at all, then the markers won’t work. I usually paint my daughter’s nails white and let her wear them like that for a day or so then add the design to make her manicure last longer.
  • Use Bic Mark-It permanent markers in blue to draw in the notebook paper lines.
  • Use the pink marker to draw in the margin line.
  • Doodle your favorite doodles on with a black marker.
  • Finish up with a fast drying top coat to seal in the drawings!
Your nails will totally be awesome and amazing for back to school! I just love the way these look, and they’re super simple to do!
Just remember to use the fast drying top coat or your design will fade quite a bit.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Mani

Today is #mondaymani here are some of my favorite summertime gel manicures!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

A Peek Inside the Classroom

My BACK to SCHOOL favorite diy for the classroom was putting the class rule posters into IKEAS colorful picture frames.  As of now I have placed them on-top of the library. I also LOVE the way the double border looks against the black backing paper!! (so exciting)

Friday, August 22, 2014

My favorite back-to-school DIY

I filled up a gum ball machine with erasers. So fun to use as a little reward, I have it in my math center and usually use it when I see students trying hard during math workshop! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Get your....Summer glow from Flash tattoos

Flash Tattoos images from forever21 &

Here are some of the flash tattoo design packages:
CHLOE –  classy 
DAKOTA -  wild and free 
JOSEPHINE - feminine and classy- Parisian chic
LENA - carefree
NIKKI - edgy, rock-on vibe
SOFIA -  chic tattoos,  bracelets,  and gold palm trees {my Favorite}
 ZAHRA -  romantic 
Flash Tattoos are available at Forever 21 & flash tat .com

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Birkenstock or Not?

 The iconic  sandal has inspired an array of warm-weather styles that are not merely functional, but fashionable. Yes they're back and the trends seems a little bit fancier than it was back in the 90's! 
(your feet will certainly thank you)

Birken Babe

The brand that started it all gets cool cred with this baby-blue thong.
Leather “Gizeh” sandal, $90 at

Seeing Stars

If the hippie look isn’t your bag, try these rock star-worthy sandals on for size.
“Karma” sandal, $175 at Ash Footwear, 44 Mercer St.

Red Ahead

These comfy sandals will make you stand out in a crowd.
Rachel Comey for Camper leather sandal, $210 at

Gold Crush

This pair of gilded sandals adds a touch of boho luxe to the hippie-girl classic.
Foil leather “Freely” sandal, $325 at

Sole Survivor

Whether you’re touring in Italy or shopping in New York, a track sole will get you through the long day.
Leather sandal, $89.90 at Zara, 666 Fifth Ave.

Think (Hot) Pink

Why go for natural tones when the bright stuff looks this good?
Pony hair “Boundree” sandal, $89.95 at

                                                                   Sandal images & photographs thanks to ny post . com