Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm LOVING Wednesday

insert Jcrew scarf, shirt, and jacket in this color. yesss     I'm linking up with Jamie to share what I'm lovin' today!

Well....... I'm loving blazers yep,
I have pinned a few awesome looks and 
found a few great ones at that I'm sharing
(hopefully somehow they will magically appear in my closet)!
((preferably Chanel tweed))
I don't know about you but I find that a "blazer"
is a basic necessity in my wardrobe.  
You can wear them with just about  anything, dresses, shorts, 
basic white t, ballet flats, louboutains...the possibilities are endless.
A trendy blazer dresses up your outfit yet amazingly enough
- lets you look chic and casual-!
I love to wear my blazers with jeans and big fun jewelry!
bright blazers for spring - WANT
   Love blazers!
so cute     Mustard & Chains  , Bershka in Boots, Pull & Bear in Jeans, Zara in BlazersLove this whole outfit!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

3rd grade Brochure Writing

                                    As my little friends travel around the word,
                             I let them make brochures- as a culminating activity.
Brochure writing is fun, helps them develop perfect paragraphs, detailed illustrations, bold print, clever maps , cool titles and subtitles. I am able to teach and practice all of the elements of non-fiction with ease.
                            (plus looks SO cute on the bulletin board, I can actually fit all 31 pieces neatly)
                                                   We just left China next stop Italy.

This is My BF's bulletin board:

My bulletin board last year.

My class also made and displayed these Chinese Dolls (art class).
Paper towel rolls in the middle so they could stand-  a really amazing presentation for parent teacher conferences!

My fab- friend who works down the hall teaches 5th grade..She let me share her awesome brochures. 
Her students completed a brochure about one of the 50 states,

great links

My go to spot for everything!! I love read write think....
template to get you started

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birchboxes Ship Free!

 Yay! A Gift of Birchbox

 I have received an amazing year long gift today! 
A very dear friend ordered me a subscription to BIRCHBOX!  
I can' believe how clever this idea is... each month I get to sample a few high end beauty products. So sweet, I'm already anxiously waiting for my first little package to arrive!
Here is how it works:
You can choose between yearly and monthly subscription plan, fill out your Beauty Profile to get products picked especially for you. 
This is the ultimate gift! I'm thinking that this was the best Mother’s Day present ever! 

True or False? Tests Stink! (Laugh And Learn) 
I've collected some adorable things to help motivate my students,
 and ease their test anxiety!
 Here are some adorable ideas I plan on using with my 3rd grade before the testing begins.
I have 6 big testing days so I was thinking.. good luck notes, treats, good read-a-louds, songs, & then a pep rally.
One of the first things I did was let the parents
 write their child a sweet-encouraging note, 
                   (during parent teacher conferences)
 that I will give them on one of the test mornings! 
             (parents thought it was the best idea ever)

Then I found a  link that has great test prep songs:

      Answer Every Question!– Ben Stiefel    
      Chant #1 for Test Preparation– Jack Hartmann      
      Do Your Best!– Marla Lewis
      Do Your Homework When You Get Home Today– Ben Stiefel
      Good Way to Learn – Songs for Positive Schools
      Hocus Pocus Focus– Cathy Bollinger
      Homework First, Playtime Second!– Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
      I'm Rested, Energized and Ready– Ben Stiefel
      I've Got the Tools that I Need to Succeed
      Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
      Make Reading a Habit– Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
      No-one Here Does Copying– Songs For Positive Schools
      Organize Rap– Musically Aligned
      Pace Yourself– Ben Stiefel
      Proofread Your Homework Before You Turn It In!- Ben Stiefel
      Stack-Up, Pack-Up, Trash-Up– Kenny Hood
      Super Student– Tuned In To Learning
      Take Another Look at Your Toughest Problems– Ben Stiefel
      The Test-Ready Rap– Musically Aligned
      Take Notes– Marla Lewis
      Try Again– Ken Whiteley 
                                                                   Cooperative Learning 365 
cooperative learning 365 has amazing test prep material at her tpt shop, I've bought and LOVE it all!

Great ideas for easing text anxiety!
 poster is from classroom ( love this blog)!
Technology Rocks. Seriously.
These cute treat notes came from an amazing blogger: 
                                               Check out her blog it rocks!
add some herseys kisses
with some starbursts
with a blow-pop lollipop - how cute!

I've found  good read -a- louds from

The Big Test
read a louds

'Twas the Night Before Testing

The Biggest Test in the Universe


Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little narrative procedure!

Have you ever wondered exactly what goes into making a CLASSIC CHANEL
"flap bag" ?  Well over at Style Republic they seemed to break it down step by step!  and....although I love Chanel, I dream about Chanel, I yearn to own a Chanel Classic Jumbo Caviar Flap Bag (calf-skin, gold hardware)  I still can't imagine why they are just so expensive!

"Many people already associate Chanel's Classic Flap Bag with luxury, history and elegance."


All info and pictures courtesy of