Wednesday, August 31, 2011

High Fashion TWIST on the classic Braid

braid hairstyles
 Braids, twists, tails, 
whatever you call them...
I'm absolutely LOVING all things 
twisted in hair lately.
Some friends (kim) and celebs,
 (nicole, mary-kate, lauren)
Look amazing with some  of
the hottest- braid trends!

I learned how to DIY on youtube in minutes!
                 (I found these beautiful braid photos at beauty lish)

The fishtail ( my favorite!) became a popular trend among celebrities and fashionistas this year, andadore this sea-inspired style.                  

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Can't wait to read Soleil Moon Frye's new book
                         Happy Chaos!
  I don't know about you, but I grew up addicted
 to Punky Brewster (yep I'm showing my age again)!
 Her new book is all about helping modern parents
   embrace the craziness, on raising their children
                     in our busy world!
 Plus she added cool tid-bits about how
Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp were involved in
                       her childhood! (COOL).
Don't forget she has a eco-friendly store/site...
The Little Seed (adorable) Check it out!

Paige Goldberg Tolmach and Soleil Moon Frye,
founders of The Little Seed

Monday, August 29, 2011

thanks TBA!

                                   A+ Blogs

Science ( learning about the moon)

Learning about the Moon's Phases:
 with Oreo Cookies: (mmmm')
Teach your students about the moon's phases with a few cute science worksheets, a great visual, and yummy hands on Oreo activity that I discovered on Pinterest. 
Thanks to:(Courtney Crowell) for the super Oreo activity! 

Teaching about The Moon’s Phases:
Did you know that the moon is 
different every night? 
It grows from a thin crescent to    full 
moon then shrinks back to a 
crescent every month! 
That's because the moon rotates 
around the Earth,
 and the sun's light gets
 reflected off 
of the moon at different angles.
There are eight phases of the moon, 
      labeled below. 
with clear explanations and 
easy-to-understand graphics,  
students will be fascinated learning about  the  Magnificent Moon.
I plan on letting my students create a mini bookchart the moon on a calendar:

 Use some informational and fun Worksheets:   Earth Science Worksheets.

and visit Web sites:

                          Phases of the Moon 
Moon & Earth Phase View

snaG ' em while you can "trendy buys for Back to School"

I can't believe I ....... was able to find the Fun designer renditions
     of Maybelline's New York classic Great Lash Mascara
                                @ Target.
(i needed some retail therapy after Irene left me w/o power for a few days!)
 In celebration of their 40th anniversary, Maybelline N.Y.
 made a limited edition designer fashion mascara!
Max Azira,Tracy Reese, and Vivienne Tam designed 
 a fresh take on the iconic pink & green tube.( so cool)
                                         Mary Kate & Ashley's

 fashion line:The Row collaborated with 
      TOMS to make a super comfy slip on shoe. 
(oh,yeah, they are  made of CASHMERE...)
 ((and each shoe sold will benefit a child in need!))


  I'm so in love with..JCREW's  LULU FROST bangle bracelets!
                                                                 they are...
 Art Deco-influenced pieces — all in bright hues with sparkly Czech crystal accents. 
There are several high-gloss resin bangles (perfect for layering).... 
                                                  ( I'm so in LOVE with these)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Look what I found! (adorable)

While I sit and wait  for  hurricane  Irene , (well I'm actually not sitting but I am devouring all of my yummy   hurricane snacks.).
I found some adorable
shabby buttons & blinkies..
I am a LOVER of chalkboard   paint and frames!
You can download it and use it on your sidebar.. (yay)
Awww.. Shabby Blogs just another reason I love you !

This seems "appropriate" for today!

Friday, August 26, 2011

fashionable friday (T.G.I.F.) with lauren conrad!

Happy Friday eveRyone!
 I found a few fashionable ideas that I'd
love to share while I was stalking: (my favorite friday blog)
As always, here are a few of my
favorite things…

Favorite Beauty Look:
Dirty Dancing
Favorite Cake Décor (They’re M&M’s! So cute, right?):Chevron Stripes
Favorite Accessories (gold watch + oversize clutch):Friday Favorites
Favorite Nail Lacquer (for today, at least):Friday Favorites   *photo via avainwoman.blogspot
Favorite Beach (in Mexico):Friday Favorites

Favorite Laugh:
Friday Favorites
Favorite Craving (click here for the recipe):
Friday Favorites
Favorite Gift (Thanks to everyone at Dogeared for this lovely bow necklace! I absolutely love it! And you guys know how I feel about bows...):
Friday Favorites
Favorite Quote:
Friday Favorites

Favorite Photograph (This was taken by Peter Funch in San Francisco when they filmed that Sony commercial, which aired a few years ago. Can you believe that was real!?):
Friday Favorites

Favorite Girls-Night-Out Dress 
(from Paper Crown Holiday 2011 collection):Friday Favorites

Favorite Way to Waste Time 
Friday Favorites

Favorite Neutral Shoe
 (These are from  LC Lauren Conrad's  line for Kohl’s… they kind of remind me of my Miu Miu heels I blogged about a while back in my I Really Love My: Miu Miu Crisscross Platforms post):

Friday Favorites
Favorite Swim Style Inspiration:
Friday Favorites
Favorite Marilyn Monroe Quote:
Friday FavoritesFavorite Fun Manicure:
Friday Favorites

Favorite Easy Décor Idea
 (Would you say this is reverse vase filler?):
Friday Favorites
Favorite Casual Weekend Outfit:
Friday Favorites

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Barnes and Noble story-time!

While I was browsing round looking for a good
 Back -to- School, read a loud..
 I found something a lil' bit amazing
      @ Barnes and
       they have online story time
       this link-is- AWESOME..
They have popular children's stories
 read by authors & famous celebrities (like Rachel Ray) LOL
 You have to Check out:
I just listened to Eric Carle read the Hungry Caterpillar! 
I can't wait to put this site up on the SMART BOARD!
The Very Hungry Caterpillar


Three for Thursday..

Today is going to be a FUN day!
                               Its 3 for Thursday...
I'm linking up with Bloghoppin' & sharing my top 3 favorites.
# 1.   Favorite Font: (I'm obsesssed with fonts)
#2Favorite Blogs: ( Oh no! I have tons! BuT I'll choose teaching/fashion)
                                                          Well, my inspiration to start a blog came from TBA!
they posted about "blog-stalkers"   Teaching Blog Addict
..shortly after reading the post- I started my own BLOG..

I have to say Emily @
this is where my BLOG obsession began...
This is MY newest BLOG ADDICTION! 

#3. My favorite go to website for educational resources..
(I use this website on a DAILY basis)
It really is SUPER!
Super Teacher Worksheets