Wednesday, June 27, 2012

end of year project

  It's the end Of the School Year today.. & we had a "ball "


      This was a fantastic, fun way to have an 
autograph party with my fabulous 3rd graders.               

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Guest Blogging!

I am making my debut as a "guest blogger" on my fellow teacher friend's blog! Melissa and I share a LoVe for super-cute printables for our classes. It's amazing how there are so many creative teachers posting all the things they've designed, and I've always wondered how it was done. I recently took a peek at Ladybug's Teacher Files video, "Creating Printables with Powerpoint"and then tried out my very first printables! With the help of free graphics from Graphics From The Pond on are my very first creations I shared with Melissa (who then asked me to share them with you!)....

Thanks to Maria from Charmed in Third Grade who came up with a great idea about 
Surfing the Web Check out Maria's Blog...
We are laminating and keeping this near our computer center! 
Also a good resource to send home to parents!

Since many of our planbooks in our school are teacher-created to have more space, 
I usually keep this in the front as a reference page. 

To put in the spine of our large 2 inch binders to house tests, benchmarks and running records :)

for a leveled library

Well, that's all from me for now. Thanks for reading, and a special thanks to Melissa for asking me to share! ~Kim

Happy Wednesday...

I'm Loving my newest purchase...

                       I'm also LoVing my other new purchase.... Spike the Punch Necklaces.Spike the PunchThey are incredibly hard to get your hands on, but I was able to snag a few... to order :etsy


                                                                                    So these are the things I'm LoVing this Wednesday..What are you loving today? Link Up: this kind of love

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday!

Latte Lace Shorts - bought a similar pair from Express for my Summer Wardrobe!                 I'm in LoVe with lace shorts..
My obsession started last spring, I found adorable lace shorts at Free People and Zara.
This summer it seems like they are a wardrobe staple, I love how everyone is pairing them with long sleeve loose tops -  to dress them up while still looking fabulously casual! Recently I've picked up a few pairs at H&M and Anthropologie..  I found these style-ish pictures courtesy of Pinterest.
DIY Lace shortsLace Sailor Tank shortslace shorts ;)scalloped lace shortsLace shorts 2                                                       
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Monday, June 11, 2012

This year I worked on a year long project 
with my 3rd graders!
We did an in-depth fairytale unit based on the story of "Cinderella".
Here was our essential question?

Why do different cultures have similar fairy tales?
Of all the fairy tales ever written, why has the story of Cinderella been the one to capture the hearts of so many generations and cultures?

Keeping this in mind we began our magical journey...

We read & loved all different versions -
We charted similarities and differences.
Used tons of graphic organizers, and plot maps.

After reading we placed a glass slipper on the country the story came from.
We had a fair share recently and presented our projects, all students created their own version of the classic tale.
Some students created an original play and acted it out.
While others presented with a slide show.
Many wrote original Big Books - 
They enjoyed writing about the countries their families came from!
Others developed story lines based on topics they enjoy!

All of the students were really creative, and the lessons continually led us into discussions about cultural importance, customs, family structure, and values.
(things we always want to talk about)  
They came up with an amazing chart with some answers to our "essential question" most said that this story gives children hope, 
it teaches children to be nice, and shows that good always wins over evil. 
(I loved reading their thoughts along the way) 
Before starting the year long unit I did a simple fairytale baseline and the growth was amazing! 
(I can't believe these are the same writers) 
It is definitely something I'd love to do again.
Does anyone else do a year long project in their school instead of a formal observation?

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