Saturday, November 10, 2012

monogram mania


love love love monogram jewelry.
Today while on pinterest  I spotted..effortless style
post about a few different monogram pieces-
that I thought were adorable & affordable.                
I shared the pictures & The links  below...
This trendy phase seems to be here to stay, the acrylic is super cute and just might be my next purchase....
I think keychains will make perfect holiday gifts!

                 No. 7

MONOGRAMMED Thick Acrylic Key Chain - 16th Birthday Gift

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tory Burch & Tiny Prints.. How cute are these holiday cards?

Holiday Return Address Labels Foxy Holiday - Front : Almond
Folded Holiday Thank You Cards Foxy Holiday - Front : Almond
Folded Holiday Thank You Cards Poppy Print - Front : Baltic

   “Tory Burch’s sophisticated design aesthetic and commitment to women and children make her the ideal partner for Tiny Prints,”  “We promise to deliver high-quality, beautifully designed stationery to our customers and with Tory and her design team at the helm, we know we are not only honoring that promise, but offering consumers a unique way to give back this holiday season.”

The exclusive Tory Burch Holiday Collection offers unique holiday cards and personalized stationery that will stand out from the crowd. With gorgeous on trend colors and understated elegance, the Tory Burch Holiday Collection offers classic designs that are chic and playful. 
Visit the Tory Burch Foundation for more information

“One of my favorite things about the holidays is receiving cards from family and friends" -Tory Burch.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Special Memories

I found a fantastic idea for The Keeping Quilt, that tied perfectly into our memoir writing unit. 
After reading this touching story, we took 6 multi-colored 
post-its and stuck them on a piece of colored construction paper.
The students drew pictures on top of each square and underneath they wrote a little bit about the special memory!
It will totally help them generate ideas during writing workshop.  

this fantastic idea {inspired by} teaching maddeness blog
a fantastic blog..with unbelievable ideas for reading & writing!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The week before Halloween...

           This week in class we have been reading
TheWitches, and sharing our Pumpkin Character projects.
                            {inspired by pinterest}
     The students have really enjoying turning their pumpkins
 into their favorite storybook characters.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NY Games, Videos, and Printables

                           SpellingCity Banner
        As a parent & teacher I can't begin to tell you how helpful Spelling City is! 
I bought a premium membership last year and I am just beginning to use all of the links and features they offer { grade book} ...It seems like each week the site adds new features and games that are fitting perfectly into my classroom. Today I actually found a link for Science & Social Studies...{I felt like I hit the jack-pot}
           A whole slew of NY games, videos, & printables...My class went crazy!!
                                       link to vocabularyandspellingcity
New York StateNew York is home to so much natural beauty. It is also rich in history and culture. The state symbols of New York are an important part of both. To make it fun to learn, kids can play games to learn that the Rose is the state flower and the Sugar Maple is the state tree. The Empire State has never been more interesting! Have fun learning about the state of New York!!

New York Games, Videos & Printables

New York State Symbols
New York State Memory Match
Unscramble the Symbols
Fun with New York Vocabulary
Spell New York Vocab Words
Hangmouse In New York
New York Word Search
New York
New York Video
Empire State Building
Printable NY Unscramble
New York State Flag Puzzle
New York Stories By You
New York Word-O-Rama

If you haven't checked out spelling city, here are just a few of its features:

SpellingCity bannerSpelling city is a free online site where students can practice and study spelling & vocabulary words.  At the beginning of each week, give your students a link to Spelling City where they can find YOUR weeks spelling/vocabulary words.  Sign up as a Spelling City teacher (free) and enter your word lists.  Students can get onto Spelling City and it will teach your students the spelling words by saying the word and then using it in a sentence.  Students can practice their spelling words by playing games with the words, there are several games to choose from.  Spelling city will even give practice spelling tests to students.

The best part is  that everything is printable ..You can make flash cards, puzzles, even print the words in cursive to practice handwriting... and..the new writing component lets students write sentences or paragraphs using their words. Sounds too good to be true right!! LOL well it is!!
For a small fee, teachers can set up record books and give the final spelling test online. Your students also have their own user name and password, you can log on as teacher and check out what they have been doing.. It is so amazing...Please check it out!

I thought This was great, get the program funded for your classroom. is a national, award-winning nonprofit organization supporting classroom teachers by helping them find funds for approved classroom projects. Teachers who need help covering out-of-pocket classroom expenses (like VocabularySpellingCity Premium Membership) can register to have their classrooms listed on the Adopt-A-Classroom website and made available for donors to fund.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

What's New Stella & Dot ?

Love-Love-Love the new arrivals at stella & dot     I can't wait for my renegade bracelet to arrive...   
the emerson
Poppy IPhone Case

Bryant Park Scarf
Stella & Dot Fall bracelets
the toronto shopaholic & one chic mom showing off their
Stella& Dot bracelet collection! I'm totally In LOVE!
all photos from stella & dot and google

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The PERFECT Fall Accessory

     This Fall, I'm completely obsessed with the Chanel Brooch - What a perfect accessory! 
It is such a great timeless piece that will make any outfit look better instantly.  I've scoured Ebay, Etsy, and Poshmark, then I  purchased a small gold Chanel Brooch  that I love but we all know BIGGER is BETTER..  So now I'm on mission to add a large one to my Fall wardrobe.  I've noticed that these pieces have increased in value on these sites, so I consider it an investment, just be very careful when ordering secondhand online.  Extra Petite wrote an excellent article about buying secondhand Chanel that you should totally check out before buying anything to ensure the authenticity!  
I've pinned so many beautiful Chanel Brooch outfit inspirations on Pinterest, I just had to share them...


Blissful and Domestic                       
Link Up with Blissful & Domestic and meet new blogger buddies!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits {oh,no}

Matching outfits for Mom and her Daughter? "NO WAY" This I have to say has NEVER been on my list of things to do with my little girl.
I've always thought this style was a bit much, and screams "look at us".
Then CrewCuts made my favorite Tippi heart sweater for little girls.

I have to admit, this outfit was not planned for the same day, YES, I totally knew we had the same adorable sweater, Yes we both absolutely love it...but when I came home from school yesterday and my little girl was wearing the same outfit, my heart did melt!  We giggled, we hugged and of course we snapped some photos!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Today was "meet the teacher" I tired!!
Although I have been teaching for quite some time {16 yrs}, I feel like I'm still nervous and anxious..and..I'm still sweating and babbling while talking to the parents..
Can you believe that after all of these years I am still reading straight off my cheat notes, ugh..and the worst part is my bright red,red,face!
On the positive side, my classroom looked great, neat, and organized.
I had lots of student work up on ALL of the bulletin boards.
I wore my lucky JCrew Library Dress!
and..I  gave the parents a cute pinterest inspired treat from Kindergarten Cupcake Crumbs Blog.
So all in all it went well. Happy its back to Talking to the Students tomorrow. (LOL)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Ideas- That I LOVE..

All pinterest inspired classroom ideas. 
Ms Jump's class -adorable student names
Schoolgirl Style- paper fans with dots on turquoise circle - centers
                                Crate Seats - I used pillows instead of boards not sure where this
 idea originated, but it sure is awesome!