Thursday, September 29, 2011

I love a SALE!

I was excited to find this post on

Banana Republic is having a sale shoppers can take 30% off on their entire order!  Full details, codes, and a few fun items to check out at this sale are all inside…
THE DEAL: Take 30% off on your entire order (excludes Timeless collection, Monogram Dresses, Men’s Gavin, Dawson, and Emerson Pants, Men’s Suiting, Bags, Shoes, and Chan Luu) | code: BRHAPPY
THE DEAL: Get free shipping on all orders of $50+, no code necessary!

Check out:
  1. Super Soft Scarf Tee - a best-seller
  2. Pleated-Collar Blouse
  3. Lourdes Pleated Floral Blouse – new arrival (+ lots of sizes left in tall and petite!)
  4. Leslie Floral Ruffle Blouse
  5. Whisper Cardigan  -comes in 6 pretty colors

And on sale for super savings:
  1. Sheer Lace Hem Tank – on sale; now $20.99
  2. Emma Cowlneck Blouse -  on sale!
  3. Ruffled Cable Open Cardigan - now $35.99!
  4. Sheer Cascade Open Cardigan - now $29.99
  5. Sequin Shoulder Pullover - now $29.99
  6. Smocked Pull-On Skirt – now $23.99 (and only a few sizes left!)

Hey, Look! It's a new Dr. Seuss book...

this article is from Time News Feed

                    Hey, Look! It's a New Book! 'Lost' Dr. Seuss Stories to be Published

Gene Lester/Getty Images

Random House has uncovered seven Seuss stories that were published in magazines in the 1950s but have never appeared as books. Acceptable reactions include "Happy as a clam, I am!" and "Oh, the fun words I'll get to say!" 
These stories are reportedly from an era that shows the good Doctor's transition from a prose style to his trademark rhyme schemes, which means they'll be of interest to children's literature scholars as well as the children themselves. The anthology isn't due out until Sept. 27, but that gives readers ample time to brush up on the rest of the set -- and get fully in the loosey-goosey-Seussy mood. The whole lot will go for $15 in hardcover, a bargain for rare rhymes if there ever was one.


What's your favorite thing to do on the BrainPOP website?
My fantastic friend Maria from will be a guest blogger on BrainPop!
(so exciting)
Her post today asks what is your favorite thing to do on the BrainPop website? OMG where do I begin? I use BrainPop on a daily basis in my classroom just like most of you I'm sure..
                           It really is informative, interactive, and interesting .  
                                    But....have you ever used these features that Brain Pop offers? ..___

Here are some of the fantastic ways
I use Brain PoP in my classroom:
Besides watching the great movies
and taking the quizzes, I always use the
 graphic organizers on the site!                                                             

Character Map

Complete the Cause

Description/ Prediction Chart

Details and Main Idea

Event/Effect Chart

Feelings Web

Five Circles

Four Column Chart

Generalization Diagram

One of the MOST helpful features for me on BrainPoP is how the site matches the resources they offer to your  state STANDARDS! (yep its true and its a lil' bit amazing) You just have to look on

New YorkCore Curriculum > Social Studies (2003)
Grade 3
What is a culture? What is a civilization?

  • BrainPOP Jr. Mexico

  • Monday, September 26, 2011


              Versatile Blogger Award

    Two of my favorite bloggers gave me a great "SURPRISE"..
                         "The Versatile Blogger Award"

    Thank you SO much for this GREAT award...
    3rd Grade Sprinkles                                      

    I have to tell a few things about ME and give this great award to a few of my favorite BLOGS!
    as soon as I get home.. but.. what a great way to start the day...! thanks a million !

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Scholastic math 3rd graders love it!

    I was so HAPPY to get "DynaMath" for my class this year! (thanks Ms.Kim) It is full of interesting & engaging puzzles and word problems. They especially love the High-Interest Content where Scholastic features
    pop-culture making math more exciting than ever. My 3rd graders really LOVE it!
    Some things DynaMath Offers:
  • Some things DynaMath Offers:

  • Numbers in the News and Get Real features focus on practical uses for math which help students relate abstract concepts to their everyday life.

  • Basic Skills Practice Problems follow every feature in the magazine to reinforce skills and assess students' abilities.

  • High-Interest Content on celebrities, sports, new movies, and pop culture make math exciting and accessible to even the most reluctant learners.

  • "Problem Solved" activities instruct students in how to use various critical problem-solving strategies.  From comics to crossword puzzles, Dynamathensures no matter what a student's learning style, he or she will be able to grasp important math concepts.

  • Standardized Test Preparation is a snap with our issue skills review quiz at the end of every issue. These multiple-choice assessments imitate the types of problems students will see on important tests.

  • Math on the Job is another inspiring feature that shows students how math is used in the most unexpected jobs, from basketball player to animator.

  • Teacher's Editions include warm-up and extension activities, lesson plans and objectives, valuable strategies for extension activities, and more.

  • A peek inside the classroom..

    This was the WELCOME bulletin board 3rd Grade is F"ant"astic.
    Now we have a response to CHRYSANTHEMUM  . 
    How did You get Your absolutely perfect Name?

    I'm Sorry The chairs were up! My new find was the Party City Siesta Flags..



    I bought a Kevin Henkes author study package from TPT it had the Worry Box in it! I can't remember whose store it was from sorry.. was an AMAZING purchase & thank you...



    Saturday, September 24, 2011


    Awwww..I'm flattered & So happy..(no you really can't imagine how-happy-I am)
    Thanks to Jacque at .. I couldn't believe my eyes this morning. I was given an award.. This may not have happened since 8th grade!!! A million thank-you-s- to Jacque..
    she has a fabulous blog so the award is extra sweet coming from her!


                                                      This is what the award is all about:
                                            I Heart Your Blog  Award: (so sweet I had to share)
    A dear friend of mine taught me a profound lesson several years ago when she shared her personal mantra,

    "There Is Only Love". Since then, I have realized that by adopting this mantra in my own life, I have changed my whole approach to everything I experience. That being said, as a total newbie to the teacher's blogging world, I discovered this gold mine of amazingly creative and talented teachers out here in cyber space. There are so many of you spreading the teaching Love around the globe by sharing your ideas and experiences. I just had to create a blog award to celebrate those of you who have touched my heart and inspired me, increasing my LOVE of teaching.
                                      Thank you for sharing your talent with   the world! 
                                   (OK, I keep finding soooo many of you to love!!!)
    1. Give the "I Heart Your Blog "Award to your favorite Top 10 Blogs that have touched your heart and inspired your teaching by listing them on your blog.
    2. Contact that person and let them know of their heartfelt award.
    3. When you receive the award,
    copy and paste the graphic on your                                                        
     blog and give a shout out to  the person who nominated you.
    4. Spread the LOVE by passing the "Heart Your Blog" Award on your Top 10.
            MY TOP TEN:
               (this was tough!)
                                                              Charmed in the Third Grade
         Ladybug's Teacher Files                                             Teaching Blog Addict

                                                            3rd Grade's a HootPhotobucket

                                         Caffeinated Conclusions
                                  Castles and Crayons                     

    A BIG HUG to Mommy & Me Creations for  giving me the award!

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    TGIFashionable Friday!

    I'm linking up with neely and amber ....for two great LINKY parties!

    Fabulous Fall Blog Challenge
    What am I sooooo excited for this FALL (yep it's my favorite season)
    boots, ponchos, blazers,anything Orange,hats, scarves, costumes ,pumpkin spice lattes, and most of all 
    the HALLOWEEN candy...
    Kenmare Illusion Top
    Picchi Embroidered CoatJuicy Couture Jane Wool Cape


      Zigzag Print Turban Headband
      Check out the blog that is hosting these COOL linky parties:( uh-mazing)
      and now for my favorite FALL t.v. shows...
      Boob Tube Babble
      2 Broke Girls Fall Tv Worth Watching
      2 Broke Girls....
      Up all Night......