Saturday, September 29, 2012

The PERFECT Fall Accessory

     This Fall, I'm completely obsessed with the Chanel Brooch - What a perfect accessory! 
It is such a great timeless piece that will make any outfit look better instantly.  I've scoured Ebay, Etsy, and Poshmark, then I  purchased a small gold Chanel Brooch  that I love but we all know BIGGER is BETTER..  So now I'm on mission to add a large one to my Fall wardrobe.  I've noticed that these pieces have increased in value on these sites, so I consider it an investment, just be very careful when ordering secondhand online.  Extra Petite wrote an excellent article about buying secondhand Chanel that you should totally check out before buying anything to ensure the authenticity!  
I've pinned so many beautiful Chanel Brooch outfit inspirations on Pinterest, I just had to share them...


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Matching Mother Daughter Outfits {oh,no}

Matching outfits for Mom and her Daughter? "NO WAY" This I have to say has NEVER been on my list of things to do with my little girl.
I've always thought this style was a bit much, and screams "look at us".
Then CrewCuts made my favorite Tippi heart sweater for little girls.

I have to admit, this outfit was not planned for the same day, YES, I totally knew we had the same adorable sweater, Yes we both absolutely love it...but when I came home from school yesterday and my little girl was wearing the same outfit, my heart did melt!  We giggled, we hugged and of course we snapped some photos!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet the Teacher

Today was "meet the teacher" I tired!!
Although I have been teaching for quite some time {16 yrs}, I feel like I'm still nervous and anxious..and..I'm still sweating and babbling while talking to the parents..
Can you believe that after all of these years I am still reading straight off my cheat notes, ugh..and the worst part is my bright red,red,face!
On the positive side, my classroom looked great, neat, and organized.
I had lots of student work up on ALL of the bulletin boards.
I wore my lucky JCrew Library Dress!
and..I  gave the parents a cute pinterest inspired treat from Kindergarten Cupcake Crumbs Blog.
So all in all it went well. Happy its back to Talking to the Students tomorrow. (LOL)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Ideas- That I LOVE..

All pinterest inspired classroom ideas. 
Ms Jump's class -adorable student names
Schoolgirl Style- paper fans with dots on turquoise circle - centers
                                Crate Seats - I used pillows instead of boards not sure where this
 idea originated, but it sure is awesome!

4th Grade Author Study

Spotlight on Judy BlumeMy 4th graders and I are totally enjoying investigating and celebrating the works of Judy Blume .  Like many writers we have found out that Judy Blume keeps a "trusty notebook".  Before I begin to write she says, "I fill a notebook,  jot down ideas, think about my characters , add dialogue, descriptions, details, details, and more details."

Judy Blume  Yes!
On the first day of 4th grade I gave my entire class a copy of Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing.  

Honestly I think this book is the perfect read-a-loud!  Students love listening to the humorous adventures of Farley Drexel, a.k.a. "FUDGE"
Which will lead us perfectly into the FUDGE SERIES

On the web:
Other students are getting a kick out of Judy Blume on the web
She has a ton of activities and games, an interview, video, and writing tips..{totally take a peek}
read think write lesson links
Grades   3 – 5  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson
Students will really get into character when they read short stories and analyze the how’s and why’s of characters’ behaviors.

Grades   3 – 5  |  Lesson Plan  |  Standard Lesson
Students work on a guided characterization project, using a graphic map to illustrate the ways a character from a book series grows and evolves over the course of the story.

Grades   3 – 5  |  Lesson Plan  |  Recurring Lesson
Character Perspective Charting allows students to compare multiple characters and their points of view to better understand a story.

Here are some activities my 4th graders have completed:

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Fall Favorites

 Fall is going to be such a great season, I've noticed A few Fall trends,dome shaped bags, animal prints (especially foxes)

embellished collar necklines, shiny rich prints, jeweled colored pants & tops, and of course skinny jeans! 

Photos: Anthropologie, Tory Burch, Jcrew on google images 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm so obSessed with May Books

If you haven't checked out the may books website yet..
you Absolutely must- 
Mica has created personalized: 
 agendas, calendars, notebooks, and planners.
I'm addicted..{btw}..who doesn't love a cute notebook?
first you pick-
The May Books Patterns

then you add a monogram-
monogram samples

next choose your inside pages-
inside page options

Here are some of my May Books:

      calendar               initial notebook         meal planner             to do lists 

visit may books blog 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Bye... Sweet Summer

        Just finished packing backpacks, making lunches & snacks, and laying out 
                        1st day outfits..
My kiddies start school tomorrow. They are beyond excited, we had a long wonderful summer together and now they will see their friends, meet their new teachers and get to use all their brand new school supplies. I am excited for them, I can't believe how much they've grown..(tears) I'm so proud of them..
                    So..summer is officially over..
I have PD for two days then I meet my sweet, 4th graders on Thursday..I am excited to implement "bucket filling", Daily 5 and create my CAFE board.. I've pinned about every common core thing I found so I guess I'm ready. (lol)                                                                      
    Visit tomorrow for my classroom pictures: 
Good luck if you start school this week, and have a fantastic week if you have started already!