Sunday, April 8, 2012


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It's officially time to sit back, relax and enjoy...spring break!
I hope all of you had an amazing Easter/Passover weekend!
I had a wonderful day with my family and friends.
This is the first chance that I've had to relax
 and start thinking about the things I'd like to (should) do this week.. ha ha..

Spring Break to do List:
1. relax
2. read (finish reading 50 shades of grey)
3. baseball practice with my lil'guy
4. entertain ( have some play dates with my besties & their adorable kiddies)
5. pick up new jeep (yay)
(I can't wait to give back my old lease it was a - gas guzzling not worth the $$ nightmare!)
6. take at least a few yoga or spin classes (well maybe)
7. choose favors for isabella's communion
8. organize closets & donate old clothes
9. of course shop for a -few- new- spring things
(would just love a new pair of wedges to start the season off right.. preferably..tory burch raffia sally's in size 6)
10. figure out how to do that random generator thingy - for my first give-a-way
( I'm thinking of a $25 lakeshore gift card as soon as I get to 200 followers)
11. plant flowers in front garden
12. think positively about the ela & math exams that my 3rd graders will be taking
                                    as soon as break is over (yikes)
                        and.... # 13. enjoy spending time with my family!

How will you be spending your spring break?

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Katie Smith said...

Hi Melissa --
I just started following your blog yesterday and have already pinned a bunch of your pics on my Pinterest boards. Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

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