Monday, June 11, 2012

Linking up with Neely & Ashley..Every Sunday!

Sunday Social
I'm linking up to share some things about  my
blogging life with you guys...
How adorable is this Linky Party?

1. How did I come up with my blog name?
Well.. I tortured my Bff & husband with a zillion names,
then stumbled upon Teaching Fashionista, and though it was all kinds of perfect!

2.Favorite thing about blogging?
Ummmm' everything..meeting new friends & being inspired.

3.What one thing have I discovered about blogging & now I can't live with out?
Well I love TPT and Teachers Notebook, I stalk every fashion blog to get ideas about outfits and sales. #truly addicted.

4.Facebook or Twitter?
I don't have a favorite I love them both...but I'm addicted to Instagram & Pinterest!

5.If one celebrity could read your blog who would it be?
This is a GREAT question!
I'd love for Lauren Conrad to take a peek over here and become a follower ha ha! I love her BLOG!

6.What is something you want people to know about your blog?
That I'm just sharing things that I love & I hope they do too.


Mrs. Sergeant said...

I love your blog and I'm looking forward to following along! :-)

Mrs. Sergeant said...

PS. I'm the visitor from Hidd, Al Hadd, just so you don't think some crazy person is checking out your blog... Wait. I think I might be a crazy person... Oh well. Cheers. LOL

Lucia13 said...

Loved reading this post!Thank you for being honest!

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