Saturday, March 24, 2012

True or False? Tests Stink! (Laugh And Learn) 
I've collected some adorable things to help motivate my students,
 and ease their test anxiety!
 Here are some adorable ideas I plan on using with my 3rd grade before the testing begins.
I have 6 big testing days so I was thinking.. good luck notes, treats, good read-a-louds, songs, & then a pep rally.
One of the first things I did was let the parents
 write their child a sweet-encouraging note, 
                   (during parent teacher conferences)
 that I will give them on one of the test mornings! 
             (parents thought it was the best idea ever)

Then I found a  link that has great test prep songs:

      Answer Every Question!– Ben Stiefel    
      Chant #1 for Test Preparation– Jack Hartmann      
      Do Your Best!– Marla Lewis
      Do Your Homework When You Get Home Today– Ben Stiefel
      Good Way to Learn – Songs for Positive Schools
      Hocus Pocus Focus– Cathy Bollinger
      Homework First, Playtime Second!– Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
      I'm Rested, Energized and Ready– Ben Stiefel
      I've Got the Tools that I Need to Succeed
      Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
      Make Reading a Habit– Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
      No-one Here Does Copying– Songs For Positive Schools
      Organize Rap– Musically Aligned
      Pace Yourself– Ben Stiefel
      Proofread Your Homework Before You Turn It In!- Ben Stiefel
      Stack-Up, Pack-Up, Trash-Up– Kenny Hood
      Super Student– Tuned In To Learning
      Take Another Look at Your Toughest Problems– Ben Stiefel
      The Test-Ready Rap– Musically Aligned
      Take Notes– Marla Lewis
      Try Again– Ken Whiteley 
                                                                   Cooperative Learning 365 
cooperative learning 365 has amazing test prep material at her tpt shop, I've bought and LOVE it all!

Great ideas for easing text anxiety!
 poster is from classroom ( love this blog)!
Technology Rocks. Seriously.
These cute treat notes came from an amazing blogger: 
                                               Check out her blog it rocks!
add some herseys kisses
with some starbursts
with a blow-pop lollipop - how cute!

I've found  good read -a- louds from

The Big Test
read a louds

'Twas the Night Before Testing

The Biggest Test in the Universe



Tara said...

Cute ideas! Thanks for sharing:)

4th Grade Frolics

Cooperative Learning 365 said...

Melissa, thanks for sharing my Test Prep Strategies from TpT! You have some great ideas in this post that I will have to borrow :)!

Cooperative Learning 365 said...

Hi Melissa! I wanted to let you know that yesterday I pinned your post to my Test Prep board and it has been pinned over 225 times!! It's a great one, and I hope that you have seen some traffic :)!