Friday, March 9, 2012

reality tv (obsessed)

Are you ready for NBC’s Fashion Star? I just can’t get enough of television that highlights fashion, so I guess I'll be adding one more show to my TV lineup .  Fashion Star is a contest that will pit unknown designers against one another in hopes of winning a $6 million contract to sell to stores like Macy’s, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue . 
In addition, each week, one winner will be selected and his/her design will be sold to the public!
Sounds interesting right? 
What’s even more interesting is that the host is Elle Macpherson (so, so beautiful) 
and fashion celebrities,                 
John Varvatos, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie (my fav)  are also - on the show!                                                                                  They will help determine the next Fashion Star.
 POP SUGAR interviews Nicole Richie about the show!

                    Here is a sneak peek!
All pictures and info from fashion star 


Miss T said...

I've seen the previews. Hope it's good!

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Kristen said...

I just heard about this and I know I will have to add it to my reality lineup. I'm still watching the end of Project Runway Allstars right now--actually off to watch one I dvr'd earlier this week! Happy weekend Melissa!

frank said...

kristen & ms t what did you think??
its ok but i like project runway better!
i thought n.richie looked cute :)