Sunday, November 6, 2011

Books make me Happy


This little jewel of a book caught my eye today!                                         
 At first, I was drawn to the  amazing illustrations and  brilliant colors by French illustrator Marc Boutavant.
Then I read the cute story...
              All Kinds Of Families
                   by: MaryAnn Hoberman
                With rollicking rhyme,
this adorable children's book shows readers that families large and small are all around us.  From celery stalks, to bottle caps, buttons, and rings, the objects we group together form families, just like the ones we belong to!

And... as we grow up, our families grow too.
Readers will discover a rewarding sense of belonging in this celebration of families and our role in them.


Families, families
all kinds of families
Families are people and animals, too
But all sorts of other things
   fit into families
Look all around and 
You'll see that they do!
Play families, real families
Think of the families,
The ones that you're from
Someday you'll grow up and 
you'll have a new family
And you'll be the family of families to come!

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