Sunday, November 6, 2011

lakeshore learning

I've told you before... I am very LUCKY to live near Lakeshore Learning..(walking distance)! I am usually there with my own two children enjoying their weekend arts crafts, playing on their Smart-Board, reading some great books and....YES shopping for cute things to use in the classroom!
Today without exception, I found a bunch of amazing things that I needed (lol)..
I know it may seem a little bit early to buy holiday decorations- but- I have to tell you that before I went to Lakeshore I was in the MALL ( I know...) and SANTA was there..OMG! I am so un-prepared for December 25th! So buying a few holiday decorations made me feel a little bit better..
Pumpkin Boarder
Autumn Harvest Bulletin Board set
Dots on Chocolate Computer Paper (YAY)
Check Mark Stickers!! How stinkin' cute...

Winter Holiday Cut Outs

Holiday Dots Border....adorable

I just couldn't resist these RACE-CAR erasers


Courtney said...

hahaah I couldn't resist the racecar erasers either! they keep them right at the checkout counter.... i'm such a sucker.

Hilary Lewis said...

I LOVE Lakeshore! I went to Chicago with my husband...he was in a meeting. The clerks kept asking me if I needed any help...I told them that I was in for the day and asked if they could order lunch for me when they ordered!
Thanks for following my blog...I'm your newest follower! Be sure to put in more entries for the Target gift cards!
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Miss T said...

Those are soooo cute!

I started following you now lol :)

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