Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Activities..

A great book to read right now
   as we are discussing
 "Giving Thanks".. is.. Magic Tree House,
 Thanksgiving On Thursday. I prepare the students a little in advance, by showing the Mayflower route on a map and I spoke in length about the type of journey, and what the Pilgrims might have expected to find when arriving on land.  Then we began reading as..
Jack and Annie are whisked back to 1621, The very First Thanksgiving!
Where they have a very hard time doing anything the "Pilgrim" way.
They are taught a bit of history, vocabulary, and many reasons to be thankful for what they have!

When Jack and Annie return from their adventure among the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag,
 they realize just how much they have to be thankful for in their own lives and time. 
Decorate the THANKSGIVING QUILT below, 
filling in each blank square with words or a picture showing 
something you are thankful for. 

Here is one more activity for Thanksgiving on Thursday- Magic Tree House

A Thanksgiving CORNucopia
Jack and Annie learn quickly that the first year the Pilgrims spent in America was difficult and harsh. The wheat they had brought to plant would not grow well in the rocky soil. They might have starved if Squanto had not taught them how to cultivate corn. A staple in the diet of Squanto's tribe, the Wampanoag, corn was grown in different varieties-white, yellow, and red-and was eaten at every meal. 

cornucopia mix:
chex mix
candy corn
candy pumpkins
waffle or sugar ice cream cones

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