Saturday, December 3, 2011

3rd Grade Book Projects

Book Projects ( Book Reports) can be creative and fun for all students.
For many kids, they are dreaded and tedious. It doesn't have to be that way! 
I have found ways to give them a love for reading and evaluating their books without the stress of
it feeling like a drag to them. Through the years, I have found new and exciting ways to bring books to life, especially through reading and writing projects. First, I make sure they choose a book that interests them.
It needs to be appropriate for their grade level, a book too hard will be frustrating for them, and a book too easy will be boring and not as educational. Each day they read a certain amount of the book at home/school. Upon completion of the book they start their project, everyone is working on different things at different times which is OK! The project must be done by MY assigned date and ready to present for the
BOOK PROJECT GALLERY. (usually one months time)
Hands on activities allow for their multiple intelligences to shine through for those kids who need more kinesthetic activities. Asking them to apply something out of the book to what they know in life teaches them to read between the lines, so to speak. If the opportunity is there, some might publish a review on line,or write to the author. The possibilities are endless. I try to add things to the book project list that we have done in class, or cool things depending on the genre or even time of year! If you have students who hate book reports, don't call it that. Call it something else. They can do "book exploration" or "reading projects".
It really is amazing, you will see how wonderful the reading discussions become as they share their projects, get ideas, and connect to literature. My favorite thing to see is a book project that is produced after literature circles, 5-6 students use the same book but the different projects they choose to make show off their talents and interests so wonderfully!
Teaching kids to read and analyze information is vital to their understanding in the real world as adults.
They will benefit from it for a very long time.
 My next attempt will be to try 10 technology book projects this looks AMAZING!!
I will be sure to post about it!!
Here are some pictures from the Book Project Gallery:

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