Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Shopping!

Pinned ImageI promise I have been doing some exciting & wonderful things in the classroom, ...but my
 Holiday Shopping has been spinning out of control lately.   I have to say,
 Black Friday & Cyber Monday
have been all too kind to me!
(well, not my wallet) 
I have successfully found all of
"most popular" (must-haves of the season) 
Wii games,  LaLa Loopsy dolls, Star Wars figures and Lego's.
.......Besides the Santa Gifts.....
My wardrobe, accessories, boot collection and housewares,
have also been accumulating rapidly!
Pinned Image
Marc Jacobs  fur scarf!
My policy has always   been,
 one for you-one for me!
here are a few of my 
the Christmas Gifts I've
Pinned Image
pier 1 adorable glassware

Anthropologie dish towels
Uggs with leg warmers! 

Pinned ImagePinned Image
lululemon hand warmers & mittens

Embellished Friendship Cuff
free people - arm candy
Poinsettia Boot Sock
poinsettia socks- free people                          


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