Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Ready For A New Year..

One of my favorite things to to..to get ready for the new year,
 is find a really AMAZING calendar!
I usually put  personal stuff like my appointments, kids school stuff, and birthdays on my cell phone!
Then I like to find a really unique one for the house.  I was so happy to find so many gorgeous  hand made calendars on etsy..So hard to choose just one.
planner 2012
2012 Calendar - 12 Original Hand Printed Designs
Etsy.com This is my favorite so far! 
Birds in the Tree Calendar 2012  printable PDF files
2012 Watercolor Calendar
Linda and Harriet.com


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~Stephanie said...

I love that calendar that is hanging with the clips. So so so cute!!!

Your newest follower,
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