Monday, January 9, 2012

All Good Things Come To an End

 Yikes.. What happened to one of my favorite spots?
Super Teacher Worksheets

They now are charging an annual fee of $20.00
 Here is what they said: (taken directly from their site)

What about the FREE worksheets?
There are still many free worksheets on the site. Click on any page and you'll find some free ones. Addition, multiplication, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, handwriting, holidays - each section still has some free worksheets. However, if you want full-access to the site, you will need to be a member.
How much does membership cost?
Twenty bucks for an individual membership.  Well, $19.95, actually. 
 That's a lot less than any other teacher membership site we've seen, and we like to think our worksheets are higher-quality too.
Don't you know that teachers don't make a lot of money?
Yes, I sure do.  I was an elementary school teacher for over ten years. We are trying to keep the site as affordable as possible. That's why the price is only $19.95. That's about $1.67 a month. A nickel a day. 

They really are one of my favorite spots! ugg...
I guess the twenty dollars will be well spent!


Amber Polk said...

I was so sad. I don't use a lot of worksheets but all of my grades usually came from there! :(

I think I'm going to have to suck it up and pay!

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laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...! Shucks!
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Kristen said...

aw, what a bummer! I love this site! I was wondering if this would eventually happen :/