Friday, January 6, 2012

In my school the classroom teachers- teach GYM..yep we do!..It was kind of challenging at first since, I'm not the athletic type, don't really know how to play sports and have NO cute outfits to wear for teaching GYM..
(nor I want to buy any)! lol..But I've grown to love it..
It's so nice to watch my students work together and see their strengths in different areas outside of the classroom. Since its been freezing in NYC we've been forced to play inside, I've decided to share some of my 3rd grade all time favorite things to do during our gym period.
(playing Island has been the best so far!)

Ghost Buster Tag

  Set up square created with gym cones.  This is the Haunted House.  
You are going to pick 5 students to be Ghost busters. 
The rest of the class are ghosts.  
The game starts with the Ghost busters inside the haunted house. 
When the music starts, the Ghost busters run and try and tag the ghosts.  
The Ghost busters will use the small gator balls to tag with. 
 Make sure they don’t throw the balls.                                                   
 When a ghost gets tagged they go to the Haunted House.                                                                         
To get free, another ghost must come and give them a high five.  
Try and give everyone a chance to be a Ghost buster.  

Musical Hula-Hoops
Musical hula-hoops are just like musical chairs.  

You keep taking hoops away until you’re down to 2 players.  Then put 1 hoop in the middle and tell the 2 players that they have to walk around center circle.  
When the music stops, the first person in the hoop wins.


This game is called Island or Cross The River: (our favorite)  
The object of the game for all team members to get across to the next island, with out falling in the water.
   First: Set up 3 square mats for each team. 
   Then:Give the team a scooter, hoop and jump rope
   Next: All team members try to get each other to the next island without touching the floor (water). 
   Last: Enjoy watching your class work together as a team to try and get everyone safely across to the next island.  
           The cheers,laughs, and good sportsmanship is priceless!



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Miss T said...

I sub for PE sometimes and have picked up a game or two I absolutely love.

One of them is Star Wars. Kids are divided into 2 teams. Each team has a Jedi Knight that has a 'light saber' (foam swimming noodle) and has a base that they are safe at (safety cone).

Everyone else is throwing balls and trying to hit the Jedi. If someone on the team is hit by a ball, they have to sit down and are only unfrozen by the Jedi's light saber.

If the Jedi gets hit, then the other team gets a point and they switch Jedis. Sometimes I switch Jedis in the middle of the game if it is obvious they won't get hit.

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