Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Favorites:

The Day it Rained Hearts - Valentines Day Books for Kids

I LOVE Valentines Day_...
and..This week I'll be linking up with Jacque from
 to share some of my Valentine's Day ideas that I'll be using in the classroom! Today's focus is "FAVORITE BOOKS! ahhh there are so many sweet stories to read at this time of year so this was super hard..but, here are
my love-ly- picks!
If You'll Be My Valentine - Valentines Day Books for Kids
Cute picture book that shows how a little boy shares valentines with things and people he loves. The youngster writes valentines to his cat, his teddy bear, a bird, his grandmother, a neighborhood girl, his mom, and other family members. This is a great book to share with young children to explain that Valentine's Day is a day that people express their love and appreciation towards others.
Nate the Great hates mushy stuff. But when he spies a big red paper heart taped to the outside of Sludges doghouse, Nate knows he must help out his favorite pooch. WHO has left Sludge a secret valentine? Its a mystery until Nate finds out his friend Annie is missing a valentine. 
The case seems easy. Nate is relieved. No more mushy stuff. That's what he thinks...
I absolutely love Nate the Great! If you haven't done an author study totally try this series
( level: J-K-L)! Here is a Unit with lesson plans to get you started.

Valentine's Day Is - Valentines Day Books for Kids
Valentine’s Day is candy hearts, flowers, and chocolate truffles. It is Valentine cards galore. Most of all, it is a time to share with family and friends, and a time to give thanks for our loved ones. Gail Gibbons presents the history of this special holiday and shares what the day has come to mean in our present-day society.