Monday, January 23, 2012

Crafty Valentines

 Its Monday & I'm linking up with Mommy & Me Creations to share some cute crafts,
                all of these craft ideas are from martha stewart holiday

                                                        Valentine Crafts                                               
                     Thumb-Tac Frames
These easy frames are as cheerful and humble as the illustrations they're meant for. Cut two pieces of corrugated cardboard slightly larger than artwork; glue together to make a thick frame that tacks won't poke through. Attach drawing with map tacks or pushpins; hang with a binder clip.
                     Book-Mark /Cards
Make this one-of-a kind Valentine's Day card -- it doubles as a bookmark.
Dots Candy Hearts                                                                                            
Snip candy hearts for an entire class in a snap. To make, cut a heart from a strip of candy dots, and glue it to a piece of construction paper. With scalloping scissors, cut construction paper to create a border around the heart.
                     Hand Print Cards
Send a touching message with valentines traced from little hands. Just cut from construction paper, and then decorate. You can hand over sweets or a toy ring, or let someone know he's your hands-down favorite.

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Kristen said...

are we in the same district or something? Nah, I know you already did America's Choice awhile back so we're not.

I love all of these finds...especially the frames!