Friday, January 13, 2012

A few good finds for the 100th Day!

I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words BookI just ordered some really good stuff from ha ha! I'm sharing because these new items are ADORABLE!
Like the WHOO- Ray for the 100th day activity mat!  (totally fits my owl theme this year) 
I always read I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words and let my students write their words on a large chart that we hang in class.  
What is your FAVORITE 100th DAY activity?
Ready-To-Decorate™ Isn’t It Cool? It’s 100th Day Of School! Ties

Happy 100th Day! Fortune Tellers
100th Day Glasses
100th Day Deskmat Intermediate

Powers of Ten

What are the powers of ten? Students create mathematics manipulatives to explore powers of ten.


sheets of 1/4-inch graph paper (amount depends on the number you want to illustrate)

2 scissors per group
1 roll clear tape per group

1 roll butcher paper per class

What to do

GIVE each child a sheet of 1/4 inch graph paper. Have students DRAW an X in one square. A sticker may be used in place of an X. This X represents the number one (1). PRACTICE counting with one, i.e. "one desk", one student". WRITE a large one (1) on the left side of a chalkboard.

Have each child MAKE a strip of ten X's, CUT it out, and PASTE it on butcher paper. This row represents the number ten (10). PRACTICE counting with ten, i.e. "ten fingers", "ten pieces of chalk". WRITE a zero (0) next to the one (1) on the board to make a ten (10).

Have each group PASTE ten strips of ten X's together to make a block of100 on a sheet of butcher paper. This represents the number one hundred (100). PRACTICE counting with one hundred. WRITE a zero (0) next to the ten (10) on the board to make one hundred (100).

Have the students PRACTICE by looking for one, ten, and a hundred in the world around them. EXAMPLE: About how many toes are in the classroom? Ten toes on ten children makes a hundred toes. If desired, this activity could be extended to a thousand, or even to a million.
What's Happening? Find out more about powers of ten and pH.
Challenge. Have a jelly bean counting contest. Fill a large jar with jelly beans and give a prize to the best guesser. How could you guess how many jelly beans there are in a jar? Share your ideas in the pH
Estimating Large Numbers: What does a million look like?

This activity is from they have really cool science powers of ten lessons too.


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Miss T said...


I've seen teachers make headbands with 100 stickers or stars drawn on, kids gluing 100 things on the number 100, kids gluing 10 things in 10 groups, and kids making a 100's book.

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