Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tommie's Tools
Check out all the Dots on Turquoise products at

I was blog stalking again today (as usual)
Her blog actually is featured on the back of the creative teaching press catalogue. 
(yes i was shopping again)
I love the dots on turquoise products..I am in the middle of creating a new bulletin board, Tommie's Tools
had a few great ones on her blog that I was truly in LOVE with. Her blog is SO fantastic definitely check it out! 
The teachers who created these boards are equally as FANTASTIC! So inSpired!..


Rebecca said...

I love the dots on turquoise! I have the plan book! I spied some library pockets I want! Plus A LOT of other stuff too! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and this was a new blog to me. Thanks for that too!

Have a lovely week!

Anonymous said...

I saw the daily 5 and cafe at Mrs. Bainbridge's blog. Is this idea from a book? Do you know who the original creator is?

melissa said...

There is a link
that explains the Daily 5 & Cafe. I hope its helps!