Saturday, October 8, 2011

a peek inside the classroom

    The Classroom Curtains  YES! 
             I hang curtains in my -classroom-
  My super creative friend Stacy taught me How To.. 
                    oh.. about 16 years ago, 
              and I've been doing it ever since. 
   love it, some people think I'm crazy..but..
It makes me feel happy about my home, away from home, 
every morning when I come in it makes me smile!
It is such an easy DIY that I had to share.
(plus I am procrastinating, I have lots of housework to do right now)

To make them, You Will Need To Buy a Few Things & Measure the Windows:
* First you need to buy a few plastic table cloth packages- I use 1 pack per window.
* Get a color that matches your classroom.
              (so many fun colors at Party City)
* You will also need tension rods for inside the windows.
                 (any hardware store)
* Stapler and Scissor



Open table cloth package 
and lay it flat,  
cut on the pre-made fold line vertically.
Leave the fold on the top, 
so the tension rod fits   through.

Take the stapler and line it up , 
then make a  staple line.
Remember the tension rod slips 
inside the seam you are making.



Super cute and very inexpensive, curtains!


Kristen said...

ooo, I just love this! All of my window shades are broken and they won't be replaced--the sun is terrible in the morning, the poor kids can barely see! This would work so well and it's perfect since I am TERRIBLE at sewing!! THANK YOU!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, I was just debating (and dreading having to figure out) curtains to somehow cover the shelving in my classroom and I just love the idea of using a plastic table cloth! Thanks for sharing your tip :).

Teacher Wife

Krista said...

Thank you SO much for this idea! I just did this in my classroom and it brightened things up so much!