Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scarves...The perfect accessory!

It's getting a bit chilly in the morning, & I'm not ready for a jacket yet, so I'll just throw on a scarf..
It's  my favorite accessory a big colorful scarf, how about you?
(plus it has been brightening up my newly very dark Brown hair)
I have dozens...when I need major retail therapy and it's not quite pay day yet..(they are very inexpensive)
buying a new scarf is certainly the way to go! I found this cute HOW TO on pinterest:
Pinned Image

Regular Pric


Kristen said...

Hi Melissa! I feel like I can confess this to you--I have a gazillion scarves!!! I am known for them at school :) I love this Pinterest find, thanks for sharing!

melissa said...

Aww! Luv scarves.. Such an easy way to dress up an outfit!
Thanks for the comment kristen! That one from H&M so cute right?

Maria said...

I seriously bought so many scarves recently... you have to help me style them! lol great post friend!

Kristen said...

I do love that scarf! And, about Anthropologie...well, I'll continue that above in the right post!