Sunday, October 16, 2011

Which pair of shoes are your favorite?

                     Favorite Teacher Shoes Linky Party

       Tonight I found a LINKY party that I just couldn't resist..

                        So I'm adding my favorite teaching shoes onto Casey's List!
       I think it is a fantastic idea! Plus, I would LOVE to see all of your favorite shoes! :)
        What does this have to do with teaching

                                          Comfortable Shoes =
     Happy Teacher = Better Mood, Better Instruction, More Patience!
These Tory Burch Sally tan wedges are what you will see me in 99% of the time.
They are the perfect heel 2 and a half inch, perfect color, and can be worn with a dress, jeans, black pants or a skirt! I have to admit I have them in a few colors but the tan is my favorite!
So link up with me and let me know.....which pair you LOVE to teach in...


A Middle School Survival Guide said...

Love these! I agree, they ARE the perfect color. I've never tried any torys with a heel...maybe at your recommendation I will! :)

Casey Orr said...

Thank you for linking up!! I just bought these shoes, but the peep toe ones with the gold medallion! They are seriously the perfect shoe!! Love em!