Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teaching Prepositions

I found the greatest lesson thanks to Lesson Plan SOS ! (fantastic blog)
            It was a Tootsie PoP ghost hunt!
Actually, it was an incredibly fun -over-the-top- preposition activity.
First I gave out 3 lollipops to each of my students.
Then 3 paper-towels (cut in half) you can use tissues also.
We tied the tissue on with a piece of yarn.
After that the students drew a little face on each with black marker.
Next I let them hide the 3 ghosts in the classroom.
Then they wrote where they hid the ghost on their worksheet using prepositions!
                        (also from lesson plan sos so cute)
Finally I let them find other ghosts & write about where they were hiding
                      ALL while using prepositions!
Seriously, this was a fantastic lesson! The students were SO happy!
     I guess my hours of blog stalking was worth it this week!
              Here are the worksheets I used from Lesson Plan SOS!


The students wrote sentences like:
Mia's ghost was hidden inside of the Narrative Procedure basket that was on a shelf in the library .
I found Jessica's ghost sitting on top of the globe.
Ariel's ghost was hiding in front of the Kevin Henkes book that was sitting the ledge to the right of the blackboard.


Julie said...

This did look like fun! I plan to do it tomorrow!! I downloaded it last week and I've been excited ever since! I think my kiddos will love it!
Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Maria said...

me too! can't wait to try this!