Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saint Patricks Day Bingo

St. Patrick's   Day

Bingo Game 

How to make it:

  1. Print a page of St. Patrick's Day Lucky Bingo Cards

    If you experience printing problems: Try to use the 'shrink to fit' print option to get them to print on the page. Or try changing the font size to something smaller by going to the "View" menu in your browser and increase or decrease the font size. If that fails to help, you can print the page in 'landscape' mode and get two complete cards per page instead of four.
  2. Now refresh your browser. The page now displays new random numbers!
  3. Print the page again.
  4. Be sure to print off enough playing cards for each child to have one.
  5. If desired, cover with clear self-adhesive paper or laminate to be able to reuse the cards again next year.
  6. Print a page of Bingo Numbers. HINT: Print off on card stock or glue to cardboard to give the numbers stability.
  7. Cut the numbers apart on the lines.
  8. Place the numbers in a bowl.
  9. Give each child a bingo card and a handful of markers (see tips below).
  10. Reach into the bowl, call out a number and the children place a marker on the number if it appears on their card.
  11. Play the game just like regular bingo. Play for 5 in a row across, down, diagonally, or even play blackout by covering all the numbers on the card

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