Monday, September 19, 2011

smart board activities

You should definitely check out:! They have amazing activities-tutorials for teachers who LOVE using their smart boards! I was visiting them tonight and found a few GREAT games! I have linked the post to  SHARE with you ...

SMARTBoards and Fun Word Activities

These three interactive word games from the Merriam-Webster website are great supplemental resources for the SMART Board classroom.
AlphabotThe first game called Alpha-bot has a unique and very engaging method for spelling words. To play, students touch on the "Audio" button to hear the word. They then have to move rows and columns to spell out the word. The game has three levelsBigbot and can be zoomed to fill the screen.
The next game is called BIGbot and it challenges students to find the antonym or synonym for different words.  If they get the correct answer, they can launch the word inJumblekids
the BIGbot mouth. It doesn't really do anything more than that but it's fun for the kids.
The last game is Jumble for Kids. The game works great on the SMART Board and can be used as a fun lesson starter. The game has 10-12 Jumbles to choose from and it appears they have a new Jumble each week.
Please share these fun games with your fellow teachers and let parents know about them as well.
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