Thursday, September 29, 2011


What's your favorite thing to do on the BrainPOP website?
My fantastic friend Maria from will be a guest blogger on BrainPop!
(so exciting)
Her post today asks what is your favorite thing to do on the BrainPop website? OMG where do I begin? I use BrainPop on a daily basis in my classroom just like most of you I'm sure..
                           It really is informative, interactive, and interesting .  
                                    But....have you ever used these features that Brain Pop offers? ..___

Here are some of the fantastic ways
I use Brain PoP in my classroom:
Besides watching the great movies
and taking the quizzes, I always use the
 graphic organizers on the site!                                                             

Character Map

Complete the Cause

Description/ Prediction Chart

Details and Main Idea

Event/Effect Chart

Feelings Web

Five Circles

Four Column Chart

Generalization Diagram

One of the MOST helpful features for me on BrainPoP is how the site matches the resources they offer to your  state STANDARDS! (yep its true and its a lil' bit amazing) You just have to look on

New YorkCore Curriculum > Social Studies (2003)
Grade 3
What is a culture? What is a civilization?

  • BrainPOP Jr. Mexico

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    Maria said...

    Almost done writing my post for BrainPOP.. I will email you first.. and thanks again for the shout out! xo