Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hey, Look! It's a new Dr. Seuss book...

this article is from Time News Feed

                    Hey, Look! It's a New Book! 'Lost' Dr. Seuss Stories to be Published

Gene Lester/Getty Images

Random House has uncovered seven Seuss stories that were published in magazines in the 1950s but have never appeared as books. Acceptable reactions include "Happy as a clam, I am!" and "Oh, the fun words I'll get to say!" 
These stories are reportedly from an era that shows the good Doctor's transition from a prose style to his trademark rhyme schemes, which means they'll be of interest to children's literature scholars as well as the children themselves. The anthology isn't due out until Sept. 27, but that gives readers ample time to brush up on the rest of the set -- and get fully in the loosey-goosey-Seussy mood. The whole lot will go for $15 in hardcover, a bargain for rare rhymes if there ever was one.

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