Tuesday, August 9, 2011

YoGa for kids...

I am a BIG fan of YoGa! I do it myself, and  have always wanted to teach it to my students. ( yep, we also teach gym to our class!) This summer was my first experience with kids YoGa .  My own children and their friends were my guinea pigs , they participated in yoga class as I watched intently while
Ms.Maria   www.sunnykidsyoga.com taught .
She was amazing,sweet ,kind ,fun,and patient.
I saw first hand the benefits of yoga for children.
They learned cooperation & compassion, while doing a wonderful physical activity that is non-competitive  
(and quiet lol).
The kids practiced flexibility, strength , coordination and body awareness. By doing YoGa it helped them connect with their inner self and build a great relationship with nature and the world around them.
The little yogis learned poses, listened to relaxing music, shared during story time, and talked about how much they appreciate their day.
YoGa helped them learn how to connect their body & mind ,  and release stress.  It was such an amazing experience. 
I can't wait to implement YoGain my classroom.


Sunny Kids Yoga with Maria said...

Hi Melissa! Thank you for the mention in your blog. I'm so glad that you have now become a fan of kids yoga! Children really do benefit from the yoga poses, breathing exercises, guided imagery and relaxation at the end of class. Like you mentioned, it helps them focus, increases their balance and flexibility, builds self-confidence, creates compassion and cooperation, and helps them gain body awareness. I'd be happy to give you some tips or suggest some books and CDs on kids yoga if you do decide to incorporate it into your classroom. By the way, I really enjoyed teaching your children! Peace...

Ms.M said...

Hi Melissa,

Just found your blog. I love it! Wish I had found it sooner. :) Anyway, I, myself, practice Yoga and this it is wonderful for kids to practice it too. If you watch them they kind of already do. :)

I'm your newest follower.

Ms. M
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