Monday, August 29, 2011

Science ( learning about the moon)

Learning about the Moon's Phases:
 with Oreo Cookies: (mmmm')
Teach your students about the moon's phases with a few cute science worksheets, a great visual, and yummy hands on Oreo activity that I discovered on Pinterest. 
Thanks to:(Courtney Crowell) for the super Oreo activity! 

Teaching about The Moon’s Phases:
Did you know that the moon is 
different every night? 
It grows from a thin crescent to    full 
moon then shrinks back to a 
crescent every month! 
That's because the moon rotates 
around the Earth,
 and the sun's light gets
 reflected off 
of the moon at different angles.
There are eight phases of the moon, 
      labeled below. 
with clear explanations and 
easy-to-understand graphics,  
students will be fascinated learning about  the  Magnificent Moon.
I plan on letting my students create a mini bookchart the moon on a calendar:

 Use some informational and fun Worksheets:   Earth Science Worksheets.

and visit Web sites:

                          Phases of the Moon 
Moon & Earth Phase View

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