Monday, August 22, 2011

spending the DAY with the DOLPHINS

Spending the DAY with the DOLPHINS!
One of the best parts of my vacation was watching my children Isabella & Francesco enjoy spending time with the dolphins! It was a truly magical time, they had the opportunity to share in the playful shallow water antics of these truly charismatic creatures.  In Dolphin Cay's marine habitat they were able to wade in waist-deep water while the bottlenose dolphins showed off there amazing athletic abilities, then they
hugged, kissed, and snuggled with their new
                                                 dolphin friend KELLY & her family.


Of course my wheels were spinning ( as usual ). How can I incorporate this into my classroom?
I made a few contacts @ Dolphin Cay, asked a billion questions (of course) then almost immediately planned out a dolphin unit!
Here are some things I found

Dolphin Wild Animal Watch
* Meet Host Dan Odell
* All About Dolphins
* Dolphin Watch: Conducting Research in the Field
* In the Tank: Dolphins in Captivity
* Map Activity
   * Cetacean Relations Game
* Contest Winners' Essays
* Web Links
* Teacher's Guide

all about dolphins @

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