Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank you for Visiting Teaching Fashionista

Welcome to Teaching Fashionista! A place where I can blog about the 2 things that I love teaching & being fashionable.
My name is Melissa, I am a 39 year old teacher from NYC. I have two beautiful children, Isabella (7), and Francesco (5), and a very handsome, husband Frank.
Teaching has been my life long passion. From the very young age of 5, when I stepped inside my first classroom and met my pretty kindergarten teacher Miss Malone, I just knew, this is what I would be when I grew up.....and well since then...
I have completed my Bachelors & Masters degree in education. After graduation I continued to take courses at Parsons The New School in NYC. There I took many classes in art, sewing, collage, color theory, and fashion. I had the time of my life there! Recently I have taken many credits with
"on - line" courses. Which have actually been pretty cool..
I have contributed activities and ideas to Mailbox Magazine and Scholastic.com.
I was an adviser to Sadlier Oxford 1st grade phonics program, and I received a beautiful
Teacher Recognition Award from district 21, Brooklyn in 2002.
When I'm not in the classroom or spending time with my family,
you could definitely find me shopping or browsing the Internet for new trends.
I have to say...I am an expert in that field!
Have fun with my blog..

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Tamara L. Chilver said...

Hi Melissa! Welcome to the blogging world! Your new blog looks wonderful!

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