Monday, August 15, 2011

For Mondays Only!

Hi All! I'm so excited to blog 
@ my fav spot!

While the fabulously divine Teaching Fashionista Melissa is busy with her toes in the sand, I, MariaMaria, a teacher and inspiring fashionista will be sharing all things I hopelessly adore! 

Ok so I'm not a big fan of Mondays - even during summer vaca - I always seem to wake up tired and in need of a little extra tlc to scrub off the wknd sludge... but most spas are closed on Mondays-why is that!? So, I found a fantastic way to work in a little much needed  "MeTime Monday."

I love, love, love me a great sugar body scrub. OOOOhh to feel the bits of sugar sloughing against my skin, the silky moisturizers massaging into my body and mmmmmm the aroma of sweet sweet sugar..... ok sorry where, was I? Yes, body scrubs.  
If you know me, you know I only use organic or all natural products. Sometimes finding a great natural product is not easy, but Sugar Souffle Scrubs by LaLicious are pure magic! With flavors like coconut cream, lily mango and my fav brown sugar&vanilla... OMG! They are brilliantly delicious

These exfoliating body scrubs are highly addictive! So beware! Save them, like me, for Mondays Only 

ok i love bloggin! but gotta go - i need to go scrub.... 
let me know about your fav MeTime pick-me-ups 
I could always an extra boost on Mondays


Anonymous said...

great blog maria, looking forward for more

Maria said...

Awesome! Love the sugar body scrubs!

Helen said...

mmmmmmmmm great idea for a monday treat Maria!!!!