Tuesday, August 2, 2011

so much to do...

(great teaching is a handful of teaching; tips, tricks, tools and techniques)

I know nothing pushes your students to do their best work like a teacher who puts forth their best effort & enthusiasm .
This year (with my blog's help), I'm getting it down in writing. Here are some things I have implemented in my classroom
but still need to work on so it's PerFect for the upcoming school year!
I NEED your help here...post your ideas and comments to let me know what things work for you!

1. A better functioning Literature Circle: ( management, organization, book selection 3rd grade )
2. Cute & Creative Student Interest Surveys: ( to find out what students think, want, and need )

3. Cool Character Counts Ideas ( incorporated into my class rules, to help students become more socially responsible)

4. Word Walls (Are they effective ? yes-or-no that is my question)

5. Welcome Bulletin Board ( robots or owls hmmmm? )

I think this should keep me busy for the month of August!
With your tips and suggestions I know I can get the job done.


Iheart2nd said...

It looks great Melissa! I will be stalking you for sure!!! My teaching to do list - Get better at posting my standards (have to do it... ug), amp up my writing workshop and get more oragnized (always!). love ya! xoxo

Iheart2nd said...

Oh I and I love the clipart of the girl on here and the lil TF thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Very impressive Melissa. I will be following your blog. xo

Maria said...

love it meliss! came out great.. a new blog to stalk yay!!

Lani said...

Love it!! I say go for owls. I'll scan and send you these cute owl cards I recently bought and I've been making freezer paper stencil onesies with the most adorable owl on them as gifts. I'll send you a pic. Love your new blog!