Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

It's Teacher Talk Tuesday..I was just linking up with:
                                  Blog Hoppin 
       ..Today is the day we add some teacher-ly advice...(there is SO much)
                                 but ..here.. are my.. top 10!  
The 10 Things that I make sure I have in place so my  year runs as 
                                              smoothly as possible.
1. Over plan! Over plan! Over plan! (you can NEVER have too many activities planned)
2. Rules & consequences ( your behavior mod. system )
     should be handy, visible, and referred to OFTEN
3. Important student information & forms to be filled out and returned asap!
4. Know what you are going to do with all the students supplies
                        (this gets very overwhelming...believe me) 
                              I use brightly colored laundry baskets
5. Welcome letters for students & parents (extra copies and extra supply lists )
6.  I put the student name-tags on the desks (un-taped) 
       they come in and look around for their name, it's fun..they all smile
                             &  you can always change seats if you need to.
7. Have your HW planned in advance, thoroughly check what you are expecting them to do.
                        ( make sure you look at the workbook pages  )
8. I always send nice little complimentary notes home randomly - a few a day.
(ex: Maria did an amazing job today with multiplication- Jack's  HW was so creative -Frank had a great day! )
9. Stay positive and firm with parents- and be professional at ALL times.
10. Organize Everything.. (I use large zip lock bags, clear containers, ice-cube trays)

MOsT importantly ask for help, share, and enjoy every minute, teachers touch lives..forever.

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